Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Molly Mutt is Awesome

Don't just LIKE - LOOOOVE Molly Mutt! I just had the best experience ever with Molly Mutt! They make GORGEOUS dog bed duvets - so you can stuff your old pillows, clothes, sheets into this beautiful strong cotton duvet and make your own dog bed that is washable and super cool looking. Katie foster dog chewed a big ole hole in the dog bed, first night I had it out. Sad face. I emailed Molly Mutt and asked if it would be possible to get a swatch of the fabric so that the cleaners could sew it and cover it with a matching patch. I didn't even know if they would respond or thought maybe they would say it was impossible (whenever I need something from a company - even something simple - it seems the first answer is always that it is impossible). I suggested that they could sell patches on their site since so many dogs chew the beds and I am sure this is a problem that happens fairly regularly. Not only did they get back to me within 2 hours - they offered to send me a patch (for free!) and offered to donate sometime for the rescue (!). So now I really have to have a fundraiser so I can raffle or auction a Molly Mutt duvet. Fantastic company - fantastic product - fantastic customer care. BUY MOLLY MUTT DOG BED DUVETS and tell your friends! I love to support the good people/companies and spread the word (especially when there is so much crap out there in the world hahah). 

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