Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Notes

Just posting a listing of my updates from before during and after Hurricane Irene.

yay Park Slope! the highest point in Brooklyn. just looked up my address on the hurricane zone evacuation map and found out I am not even in an evacuation zone. woop woop

oh boy staten island pathmark a cornucopia of delights but the water aisle completely bare...

omfg was gonna pop into trader joes to get some non perishable food and there's a line down the block to GET INSIDE! fts!

well, one good thing about 10 inches of rain is that it should wash away the scent of eau d'urine that overwhelms the streets - oh, until the sewers flood that is...

Does CANDY count as non-perishable food? Cuz I got a TON of that in my cupboards!

why does my computer not realize that it is plugged in to the wall?! I just bought a new power cord and it is not lighting up and not charging the battery and the fcking battery is down to 28 minutes. About to KILL someone!

well, all the shops have signs up saying sold out of batteries, flashlights and hand radios. guess I will be bored and in the dark this weekend. damn computer won't charge either, logic board fcked up. benadryl and sleep...

is already drinking.

all the shops on 7th ave out of D batteries and flashlights... just tried 7- 11 on 5th ave and they have boxes of both! the guy went out to LI and got a bunch to stock store. smart. bought 2 flashlights and 12 D batteries. could prob stand out on 7th ave and sellthem for double!

hoarding pays off! my old boom box from 1993 been stored all this time. kept thinking might need this one day. put some D batts in and the radio works! its alive!

eating all the ice cream in the freezer in case it shuts down and melts. There are no less than a dozen different pints in there, plus lime sorbet bars and mint choco chip mini ice cream sandwiches from TJ's. That's a lot of ice cream to get through!

woo hoo - found my old little ipod shuffle (since I STILL haven't found my actual ipod Nano), was able to load up some Melvyn Bragg podcasts and about 200 songs!

had only partially filled the tub and realized I wanted to take another shower before it's too late! used the water to mop the whole apt, then got my shower and put on lots of perfume!

It's only 10pm and I don't know what to do with myself! I cleaned the apt, froze water, took the air con out of the window, walked the dogs, gave the dogs xanax, took a shower, ate dinner, watched the news all day - nothing new, just storm, storm and more storm. What are we meant to do now while we wait for armageddon?!

just discovered Standoff on hulu with Ron Livingston (!) and Rosemary DeWitt ... here's hoping the internet holds out

was that it? It's not even raining!

Esme is too funny - she has taken a toy and is playing with it in another crate, not her crate, another I set up in case Simone wanted to go in during the storm. She's a goofball.

cute moment of the day: I was curled up fetal position, Esme was curled up with her back to my back and Simone, facing the same direction, was curled up with her back to my legs. No one to take the picture but it was really cute - big and little hounds.

my picture of a downed tree PPW and 15th street is on the TPM livewire!
Yesterday at 12:16pm

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