Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Please Donate

Hi Friends: I have some MAJOR extra vet bills on a few of the badasses. Since May, I have rescued three heartworm positive dogs (Penny from Laurens, Nina and George Clooney from Rutherfordton), and have had to pay for the fast-kill method of treatment. Esmerelda has an ongoing issue with her leg (it was broken and healed badly so in addition to multiple xrays, she is on meds, which I am paying for until she gets adopted), and Beulah/Bella - what can I say - Beulah/Bella actually lost her potential adopters because she had bloody diarrhea and vomiting and needed fluids and meds (260 dollars at the vet later...) She has been off and on with diarrhea and she might have food allergies - there will be more vet bills for her in the near future. The adoption fee that I charge usually doesn't even cover basic vetting (if they are healthy - they get spayed/neutered, chipped, dhlpp, rabies, bordatella shots, hw test, fecal, dewormer, heartguard and frontline doses), boarding (usually at least 1-2 weeks and sometimes a couple of months, and transport (anywhere from 100-135 per dog). SO, the extra vetting that is necessary basically gets put on my credit cards and I am running out of space on those cards (yikes). I take great care of these dogs and make sure they get the best treatment and the best homes, they deserve it after everything they have been through. But it doesn't happen right away and it doesn't happen for free, and I am responsible for them until they get adopted. I appreciate any donation, no matter how small you think it is, it helps. Please share with your friends. Thanks for your help!

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